Latest inter-annual data of the world's leading exporters and importers of bulk wine

Spain clearly leads the world’s bulk wine exports, at lower prices than its competitors despite rising above them. Good data for Italy and especially New Zealand.

Germany loses its share as the first bulk wine importer, followed by United Kingdom in value and France in volume. Higher prices raise the US and China spending at a good pace.


Spain remains the main world exporter of bulk wine and in packaging of more than 2 liters, with 12.4 million hectoliters and 506.7 million euros year-on-year to March 2017, at the lowest price among the main suppliers despite increasing above 13%, up to 41 cents per liter. Far from Spain, Italy earns share as second supplier with almost 5.5 million hectoliters (+11.3%), followed by Chile and Australia, both above 4.1 million and more moderate rises. The three sold at an average price that was around 70 cents in the year-on-year to February. Sales fall from France and the US, with New Zealand growing above 30%, at a price unattainable for the rest, with €2.61.

As for importers, Germany loses its share as the world's first market by reducing its purchases by 5% in liters and by 3.2% in euros, followed by the United Kingdom in value and by France in volume. The British country is very inclined to the bulk wines of the so-called New World, while Germany and France are more focused on Spanish and Italian wines. China (+15.2%) and the US (+10.4%) increased their investment in bulk wine at a good pace after the sharp rise in prices, with a strong drop in purchases in Italy and Russia.

The bulk wine global trade closed 2016 with declines in terms of value and volume, both in export and import.

NOTE: The following table shows the export data of bulk wine and in packaging of more than 2 liters corresponding to the 8 world importers and exporters of this type of wine. It is the latest inter-annual data (period of 12 months) available, according to official figures of the Customs of each country. Common comparison in euros and in liters with regard to the inter-annual data of the same month of the previous year in each case.