3,280 million euros, new record peak for global export of bulk wine despite less volume

Global exports by the wine category | TAM September 2018

3,280 million euros, new record peak for global export of bulk wine despite less volume

Bulk wine is the wine type that grows the most in terms of value (+8.8%) in the world trade and, simultaneously, the one that progresses the worst in terms of volume (-1.8%).

Bulk wine price does not stop rising and already reaches 85 euro cents per liter, surpassing the price registered by mid 2013, when 2 million hectoliters less were exported compared to nowadays.

The latest data about global wine exports, corresponding to the year-on-year period (12 months) as of September 2018, registered a new all-time peak the value of the exports of wine in bulk and in packages of more than 2 liters, amounting to 3,280 million euros. Bulk wine is the wine category that grew the most within world trade (+8.8%), followed by sparkling wine (+5.8%) and bottled still wine (+1.4%).

In a year with a reduction in wine availability after smaller harvests, this exceptional increase in the value of bulk wine stems from an average price that rose by more than 10% up to reaching 85 cents per liter, which is the highest so far, exceeding the price of 80 cents/liters registered during 2013, when the volume exported at a global level hardly exceeded 30 million hectoliters, inferior to the current one.

This trend explains why bulk wine was the wine category that decreased the most (-1.8%) in terms of volume up to September 2018 accounting for 38.7 million hectoliters compared to more than 40 million hectoliters reached in the year-on-year period corresponding to the first months of 2018, when the price did not reach 80 cents. On the other hand, the world exports of bottled wine fell by 1.6% during these 12 months, with sparkling wine as the sole wine category that grew (+2.7%). Both categories increased their price by 3%, lower than bulk wine.

Wine in bulk and in packages of a capacity of more than 2 liters gained share in terms of value and it already represents 10.4% of the income due to global wine exports, although losing some presence in terms of volume, representing 37% of the total traded.