Spain and Australia, among others, lead the new historic peak in terms of turnover regarding global sales of bulk wine


Latest year-on-year data of the 10th major worldwide exporting and importing countries of wine in bulk and in package of a capacity of more than 2 liters

Spain and Australia, among others, lead the new historic peak in terms of turnover regarding global sales of bulk wine.

Italy and Chile considerably lose turnover.

Germany has increasingly consolidated itself as main global investor in bulk wine, ahead of the United Kingdom. France surpasses the US and takes the third position in the ranking.

EXPORTS: the new year-on-year data as of September 2018 indicate that global export of wine in bulk and in packages of more than 2 liters accounts for 38.71 million hectoliters and amounts to 3.280 million euros. These figures represent a drop of 1.8% in terms of volume (-0.72 million hl) but an increase of 8.8% in terms of value (+265 million euros), at an average price that beats all records after reaching 85 cents per liter (+10.8%).

Spain, first supplier, follows the global trend though in a much more dramatic way: it invoiced 17.6% more exporting 9% less bulk wine, since the price surged by almost 30%, up to 58 cents/liter, way below its direct competitors. Particularly Italy, whose price soared by more than 35% reaching 96 cents/liter, triggering a decline of 16.6% in terms of volume, yet with a slight rise in value (+0.8%).

After selling 10% more, Australia consolidates itself as second supplier surpassing Italy by half a million hectoliters, whereas it is still behind in terms of value despite invoicing 15% more, since it registered an inferior price compared to Italy. As the year goes by, the data from Chile is increasingly poorer, registering losses that already reach 18% in terms volume and 6.3% in value.

Just like Italy, France exported considerably less bulk wine but invoiced a little more. Excellent increase for the United States and Portugal, but the increase of the latter was lower. Sales of Argentinean wine spiraled, at much more affordable prices. The value of New Zealand’s bulk wine also dropped due to its lower prices, despite growing at a very good pace in terms of volume; however, South African bulk wine gained value by 10.6% despite slightly reducing its volume. Nevertheless, New Zealand continues to register an unbeatable price compared to the other bulk wine suppliers.

IMPORTS: according to the year-on-year data as of September 2018, global imports of wine in bulk and in packages of more than 2 liters accounted for 39.43 million hectoliters (-5.3%) and amounted to 3.363.6 million euros (+7.6%), also at an average price of 85 cents/liter (+13.5%). In relation to the year-on-year data as of September 2017, the world’s investment in bulk wine has risen by 236 million euros, whereas the volume traded dropped by almost 2.2 million hectoliters.

Germany, first buyer, is the leading key player of the global growth in terms of value. This country distances itself from the United Kingdom. Germany amounted to 610 million euros (+20.7%), compared to the UK that reached a little less than 500 million € registering a decline of 3.6%. Nevertheless, Germany reduced by approximately 2% the volume purchased, surging by 23% its average price exceeding 70 cents per liter, above the figure of 58 cents/liter compared to a year ago. France (-11%) and the United Kingdom (-8.8%), second and third global importers in terms of volume, greatly contributed to the global decline, as well at higher prices, particularly in France (+43%), important producer.

The US is considerably reducing its purchases of bulk wine and at the same time it is increasing their sales at a good pace. China imported 9% less, but nearly doubled compared to the world average regarding value (+13.7%) surging by 25% its price in euros. Imports into Italy and Denmark grew. Belgium and Canada dropped in terms of volume but registered good data in terms of value. Meanwhile, Sweden witnessed a slump in purchases in both aspects.