Latest year-on-year data of the world's leading exporters and importers of bulk wine


Spain, the world's largest bulk wine seller, exported nearly 165 million liters less in the year-on-year in April, but invoiced 9 million euros more. Part of what Spain loses is won by Italy (+68.3 million), at lower prices.

USA increased its purchases by more than 20% and became the world's third largest investor, far from Germany and the United Kingdom, which spent less. Strong rise in prices in China and Italy.

Spain, the world's leading exporter of bulk wine with 12 million hectoliters, marked the global decline by losing almost 1.65 million hectoliter (year-on-year in April), although it invoiced 9 million euros more, up to 504 million euros, raising its prices more than its competitors. With data already in March, Italy increased its volume of exported bulk wine by 14%, taking advantage of the fall of Spain. It gains market share as the second largest supplier in the world with 5.6 million hectoliters, at lower prices that moderated growth in value (+9%). On the other hand, French (March) and American (May) bulk wine fall, with excellent data for New Zealand (March) and Chile (April), and Australia (March) as well.

With regard to importers, there is a huge increase in imports in the United States (year-on-year May), both in terms of value (+25%) and volume (+20.8%). It was the third largest global investor in bulk wine, still far from the figures for Germany (April) and the United Kingdom (May), although both reduced their spending, especially the UK. Much higher prices reduced imports in Italy (March) as well as China (April) in terms of volume, despite growing by 22.5% in terms of value.

NOTE: The following table shows the export data for bulk wine and in packages of more than 2 liters regarding the 8 world importers and exporters of this type of wine. It is the latest year-on-year data (12-month period) available, according to official customs figures in each country. Common comparison in euros and in liters compared to the year-on-year to the same month of the previous year in each case.