Argentina: Data on the 2016 winegrowing year and 2017 harvest

2016 winegrowing year

The area planted with vineyards in Argentina is 223,944 hectares.

In 2016, the total wine commercialization, both packaged and in bulk, in the domestic and foreign markets fell by 7.2% in terms of volume compared to 2015 and reached a volume of 12,014,713 hectoliters.

Sales of packaged wine in the domestic market decreased by 8.3% in 2016 and represented a volume of 9,416,301 hectoliters. Packaged red wines and rosés fell by 9.7% and whites by 3.7% in terms of volume.

Per capita consumption continued to decline and stood at 21.59 liters per capita, representing a decrease of 9.2%, if we remember that in 2015 per capita consumption was 23.78 liters.

The total volume of wines exported in 2016 decreased by 3% over the previous year. In the case of packaged wine exports there was an overall increase of 5.3% in terms of volume. Red wines and rosés increased by 7.0%, while the volume of consignments of packaged white wines decreased by 2.9%. Bulk shipments closed down with a 25.5% drop in volume. 2,071,838 hectoliters of packaged wines and 526,575 hectoliters of bulk wines were exported.

With regard to the value of total wine exports, there was an increase of 0.94% with respect to the previous year, achieving revenues of US $ 826,772,000. In the particular case of bulk wines, there was a 12.7% fall in the FOB value compared to 2015. In 2016, sales of bulk wines totaled US $ 55,349,000.

Due to the lack of wine on the market, caused by the reduced harvest, from October to December, bulk wine from Chile was imported for a volume of 90,627 hectoliters, which represented 0.96% of the wine produced in 2016.

2017 Harvest

This year's grape harvest reached a total of 1,957,600,584 kg accumulated up to May 14, 2017 (provisional data from NIV), of which 1,920,379,819 kg were used for the production of wines and musts and the rest for consumption in fresh and raisins. Of this total 1,268,628,948 kg correspond to the province of Mendoza and 550,124,000 kg to the province of San Juan.

In total, 1,126,912,722 liters of wine and 274,440,843 liters of musts have been produced up to the date indicated.

The 2017 harvest was a reduced harvest in quantity since it was diminished mainly by the frosts that happened in September and October of 2016 which affected around 35,000 hectares of vine. It was 18.96% lower than the amount harvested in 2015, although it showed a slight increase of 11.20% compared to the 2016 harvest, which was the lowest in the last decades.

However, in spite of the smaller quantity, it should be noted that the quality and health of the grapes was excellent considering it one of the best harvests in a long time in the qualitative aspect.

Source: National Institute of Viniculture

Mendoza, 14th of June 2017