Bulk Wine Market is an ambitious B2B platform created to encourage business activities among the industry’s professionals: winegrowers, wineries cooperatives, brokers, purchasers, traders, importers...

How does it work for the BWC’s members?

  • The BWC’s members will be granted preferential access to all the requests and demands of international wines that are published in the BWM.
  • Only the BWC’s members will have access to every request or demand published during the two first days of its publication.
  • Each request or demand will be revealed through an alarm which will enable members to be immediately updated about every business opportunity.
  • Each BWC’s member can publish 3 requests free of charge. Annually renewable. 

*As from the third request, each post will cost 50€


How does it work for those who are not BWC’s members?

Those professionals, who are not BWC’s members, can also have access to requests and demands published in the BWM, although in a restricted way and lacking a number of benefits, which only members can enjoy. 

Those professionals, who access the BWM without being members, will be able to:

  • Publish wine requests. Each publication costs 75€
  • Publish wine demands. Each publication costs 75€
  • To access the requests and demands as from the second day of its publication in the BWM. Throughout the two first days of its publication, professionals, who are not members, could only see the volume and type of wine which is requested or demanded, but without the possibility to contact the companies until its third day of publication.