Argentine Wine Business Trip

8th-11th September 2019,

 A unique opportunity to meet one of the leading premium wine suppliers


Argentina & Mendoza

5th largest wine-producing country - In 2018, Argentina grew by 184% in its bulk wine exports




· Experience a unique networking opportunity that brings together over 100 prospect suppliers in a single event.

· Visit top wineries that adhere to the most demanding standards of Argentina’s National Institute of Viticulture*.

· Take up a great opportunity to find large-scale bulk volumes for private label products and store brands.

· Visit Argentina: a place where the old world and the new wine world become one.

· Discover vineyards located from 700 to 1,200 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Andes.

* National Institute of Viticulture (




· Given our seasonal variation with respect to the Northern hemisphere, our yearly harvests can reach international markets in the month of May.

· Mendoza’s wide temperature variations, together with a dry climate and clayey soils, give grape vines the best growing conditions.

· Our vineyards are irrigated with snowmelt water from the Andes

· 300 sunny days a year bring out intense colors and aromas in our wines




Sunday 8: Arrival in Buenos Aires & transfer to Mendoza.
Monday 9: 08.00 h. Seminar: "Treasure Hunting in Argentina: Looking for New and Exciting Bulk Wines", by María Laura Ortiz (Diploma International A.S.I., Certified Sommelier CMS-US, WSET Advanced - London).
09.00 h. Opening.
10.00 h. Tasting session 1.
14.00 h. Lunch.
15.00 h. Visit to wineries (buyer's choice).
Tuesday 10: 09.00 h. Tasting session 2.
13.00 h. Lunch.
15.00 h. Visit to wineries (buyer's choice).
Wednesday 11: Spare time & departure.


ProMendoza is the foreign trade promotion agency from the Government of Mendoza, and together with the Federal Council of Investments (CFI) and the Argentine Bulk Wine Chamber, helps local wineries reach international status.




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