WORLD BULK WINE EXHIBITION announces the first confirmed conferences for its 2017 edition

“Quality and diversity: key points for bulk wine export" is the chosen title for the prestigious cycle of conferences which will be held in November during the 9th World Bulk Wine Exhibition.

Some of the most renowned professionals of the international wine sector will be in Amsterdam on the 21st and 22nd of November in order to give exclusive conferences and workshops as part of the largest trade fair worldwide devoted to bulk wine.

Jean Marie Aurand, Executive Director of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV-France), Pawel Gasiorek, president of the Dom Wina company and wine importer (Poland), Cruz Liljegren, journalist specialized in the wine sector and broker (Sweden), Teresa Rosário, general manager of Cologne-based Rosário & Prange distribution company (Germany), and Claude Valère Djinang, technical manager at Sofavinc (Cameroon) are just some of the speakers who are confirmed for this year’s cycle of conferences.

Today, we are pleased to announce a preview of the conferences and debates, which will be raised at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, but much more is yet to come…

“Quality and diversity: fundamental keys for the bulk wine exportation”

20th of November

12:30. Official launching of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition conferences’ cycle by Jean Marie Aurand, Director General of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV-France), who will talk about “The global wine market during 2016, with special emphasis on bulk wine”.

*During the course of the launching, the 4th Voice of Wine Award will be given.

13:15. "The wine preferences of the Polish consumers ", by Pawel Gasiorek, president of the DomWina company and wine importer (Poland).

14:00. “Let´s talk about Private Label – basics, trends and success stories”, by Cruz Liljegren, internationally experienced wine business writer and bulk wine bróker (Sweden).

 14:30. “The challenges of the bag-in-box and bulk wines: Towards a greater added value”, by Rafael del Rey, director of the Spanish Observatory for the Wine Market (OEMV-Spain).

15:15. “New trends of wine consumption in the German market”, by Teresa Rosário, general manager of Cologne-based Rosário & Prange distribution company (Germany).

15:45. “Value-added wines in Spanish cooperatives”, by Bienvenido Amorós, technician at the Wine Department of Agri-food Cooperatives (Spain).

16:30. “Consumer habits in Central Africa”, a talk by Samih Dardouri, oenologist at Sofavinc, in Cameroun.

17:00. “Wine trends of consuming countries”, speech & Tasting session by Jean Luc Favarel, Research & Development director of the Péra-Pellenc group (France).

21st of November

11:00. “The characteristics of the wine market in Canada”, by Réal Wolfe, owner of the Canadian company Francs-Vins (Canada).

11:30. “Shifts in wine consumption in Argentina”, a talk by Cristina Pandolfi, oenologist and technician having worked many years at INAVI (Argentina).



World Bulk Wine Exhibition 2017 will take place in Amsterdam’s RAI Exhibition Center on November 21/22 as the most important wine fair worldwide for this sector in terms of business transactions focusing 85 per cent of the global supply for bulk wine. WBWE is a business forum for international wine purchasers and suppliers on “neutral ground” in Amsterdam every year in the month of November. A unique place to share the great quality and variety of bulk wine with leading international importers.