THE ART OF BLENDING WINE, a new professional area as part of the world’s biggest fair devoted to the bulk wine business


Workshops and keynote speeches will be delivered by renowned international experts who will show us, using practical techniques, just how they work.

Blending, mix,coupage, cut, mélange… Call it whatever you like, this involves one of the most decisive and sensitive practices for a wine producer. A task that demands theoretical knowledge and expertise in order to reach the full potential of each variety and to obtain a balanced and complex wine.

The Art of Blending Wine is born as a new area for discussion among professionals from all over the world where they gather every year: at the Amsterdam’s wine fair.

This new area will serve as an intensive master of two days for those interested in maximizing their attendance at the WBWE by learning about the coupage technique with some of the most prominent professionals from the sector.

Some of the objectives of this masterclass area are: 

  • To identify the impact of different oenological products and techniques on winemaking.
  • To know how products and techniques work on different finished wines and choose the most appropriatedepending on the profile sought.
  • Preparation of wines for aging in barrel.
  • Preparation of wines to age in bottles.
  • Preparation of base wines for sparkling wines.
  • Branded bottling for large supermarket chains.
  • Bottling for specific markets: USA, UK, China, Germany, Nordic Countries…
  • Bottling of original and innovative wines.
  • To adjust and correct nuances of wines.
  • To enhance quality scents and eliminate defects. 
  • To improve intensity and/or color tone.
  • To adjust wines taking into account the pH, the alcoholic strength, the sensation of sweetness, body and fat. 

By doing so, each attendee will be able to cross-check his/her work method, assess how to improve it, fill gaps or shortages, improve his/her skills, and to know which are the marketing prospects of your wines and how to meet them.

Very soon, you will receive more detailed information about the program and, also, the form in order to register in this new and exclusive area of practical nature within the World Bulk Wine Exhibition.