The 10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition ends its tenth edition gathering the whole bulk wine industry in Amsterdam

250 exhibitors and 6,500 professionals have reunited these past days in Amsterdam for the most important edition of a trade fair conceived in order to revolutionize the sector and that has turned into a not-to-be-missed date for the all those involved in the sector



The 10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition ends significantly surging both in terms of exhibitors (250) and visitors (6,500) but also, and above all, in diversity and internationalization.

The WBWE consolidates itself as the sole place worldwide where it is possible to taste 80% of the world’s harvest in only two days. The 10th WBWE hosted exhibitors from 22 countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, China, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Uruguay and the US.

With regard to visitors, this year Amsterdam’s fair hosted professionals from 75 different countries, among them: new wine purchasers such as Armenia, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Nepal, Senegal, Serbia, Turkey or Uzbekistan, alongside traditional buyers such as Canada, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan or the US.

The 10th WBWE has been more diverse than ever before hosting not only large bulk wine operators but also new producers and medium-sized companies in pursuit of very specific quality wines for their businesses. This year, new opportunities were provided regarding private labels, alternative packaging or environmental awareness. 

Bulk wine is no longer synonymous with large volumes; and an increasing number of professionals from the sector find quality in the wines presented at the WBWE, which is a great business opportunity further from bottling everything in origin.

Over the course of these past ten years, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition has shifted from being a trade fair to a complex business and discussion platform that provides many opportunities thanks to the multiple alternative activities which have been implemented.


The World Bulk Wine Exhibition holds its 10th year welcoming a twinned encounter, which will be held on the 30th and 31st of May 2019 in Yantai (China); this is an ambitious event conceived in order to connect international wineries with Chinese producers and to boost a constantly growing industry.



The International Bulk Wine Competition is the only international contest that awards and promotes the quality of bulk wines from all across the globe and, this year, summoned almost 200 wines from 11 different origins: Georgia, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Uruguay, France, South Africa, Australia, Romania and the US.

Wines from Georgia, Spain, Italy and France have achieved the best scores and some of them have been awarded the so-desired “grand gold medal”.


Bulk wine: New challenges, great opportunities” was the title for this year’s cycle of conferences which has received more professionals than ever in order to discuss, debate and set the future’s keys of an increasingly growing and evolving sector.

“Trends in the Japanese wine market”, “New business opportunities for bulk wine”, “New trends in wine consumption in the US marketplace”, “Vineyard and climate change”, “Trends in the wine market of the Scandinavian countries” or “Bag-in-box: an expanding market” are only a few of the issues that international experts such as Robert Joseph, Khean Hooi Goh, Megumi Nishida or Deborah Parker Wong discussed at this year’s WBWE.

The cycle of conferences was launched by Pau Roca, the newly appointed Director General of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) and it was his first public appearance holding such position.



“The Art of Blending Wine” has once again gathered in Amsterdam some of the most respected international experts in the art of coupage, with the goal of debating market needs and the most appropriate tools to satisfy them.

Masters of Wine: Jo AhearneElizabeth Gabay and Job de SwartDeborah Parker Wong, DWSET, educator and editor, Gernot Limbach, purchase manager at Henkell Sektkellerei Wiesbaden or Wsana Woo, founder of Vinoria Wine Media & Education in China, are only a few of the renowned professionals who attended the WBWE in order to share their secrets about how to successfully elaborate a fine coupage.


One of the WBWE’s most visited areas is the Silent Tasting Room, an exclusive tasting room, where it is possible to taste more than 400 wine references in a completely independent yet very well-documented way. A much appreciated area for buyers and brokers who can taste the entire world’s harvest in a single day.




Castile-La Mancha: 2018 Voice of Wine Prize 
The governing body of Castile-La Mancha has been awarded the Voice of Wine Prize unanimously by the Jury of Amsterdam’s World Bulk Wine Exhibition organizers. This Prize is aimed at giving credit to the individuals, institutions or associations that are characterized by their daily support to wine in general and bulk wine in particular.

The Jury, chaired by the WBWE Director General, Otilia Romero de Condés, has considered that “the Regional government deserves this prize due to its firm backing of the implementation of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, alongside its special connection with the wine industry —economic, social and cultural emblem of this Spanish autonomous community— and the continued advocacy for the work of their wineries and cooperatives especially abroad”.



The Bulk Wine Club is a club devoted to gathering information and businesses of the bulk wine industry, yet also an information forum geared towards the Club’s members enabling direct access to everything in the sector, in real time: sales data, prices, trade flows and trends. Moreover, The Bulk Wine Club is also the biggest social network intended for bulk wine professionals from around the world.


The Gourmet Area, the WBWE’s gastronomic area, has honored 10 years of this event tailoring a special menu, which traversed the most remarkable mouthfuls of the last few years, by the chef Kike Piñeiro.
On this very important occasion, Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC continued to sponsor this area.  

The Vine Research & Innovation, for its 5th edition, gathered projects and companies involved in activities that enhance sustainability and circular economy. In the area devoted to research projects focused on the use and recovery of vine and wine waste, a retrospective on winners from all past editions has been displayed; in addition to this year’s The Vine Science Award winner, which was also exhibited: “Potential use of grape pomace fibers as fining agents as a tool to modulate red wine ageing”, from the Institute of Applied Chemical Sciences of the Autonomous University of Chile and the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Chile.