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Access to relevant, reliable and exclusive information about the sector: worldwide market research, news, company reports, etc.

A bimonthly newsletter from the Club.

Access to information about the bulk wine supply & demand.

Only the club’s members are allowed to post the publishing of offers and/or requests that are distributed among more than 150,000 companies and professionals from the sector. These petitions of demand and offer will remain anonymous until the opening of a dialogue is authorized by the member who is making an offer or a request.

Participation in the Club’s exclusive events (presentations, seminars).

International business trips to wine-growing regions for the club’s members.

Organizing international events in order to launch and promote products and wines of partner companies.

Networking campaigns within international wine markets.

Timely and detailed information about bulk wine prices across the world.

Free entry to the World Bulk Wine Exhibition 2017.

Preferential access to the BWC’s exclusive VIP area within the WBWE.