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The Bulk Wine Club is the biggest online platform for the international bulk wine trade.

An exclusive meeting point for a very specific profile of professionals.

Who can be part of The Bulk Wine Club?

 - The WBWE’s exhibitors. All the Amsterdam’s fair’s customers will have direct access to the benefits of being part of the BWC. Regardless of the type of stand with which they participate, they will be able to enjoy the exclusive benefits offered by the Club. The Club’s membership will be automatically renewed every year that the client participates in the WBWE. Once the client stops participating in the fair their subscription will be cancelled.

- International buyers of wine in bulk of proven prestige. Those importers and purchasers of bulk wine, who have been approved by the BWC’s selection committee will be able to join the Club without any subscription cost.

The international buyers and importers who would like to enjoy the Bulk Wine Club’s benefits should fill in the following Registration Form

All natural or legal persons devoted to purchasing wine in bulk can apply for access to the Club.